Glass Cleaner

PINK Glass Soak Powder (Glass Cleaner) 5kg


Pink Glass Soak Powder (Glass Cleaner)

Cloudy / Chalky looking glasses?  Lipstick? Not a problem. Bracton Pink Glass Soak Powder removes the heaviest stains with ease.


Fast acting soaking concentrate for the removal of stubborn stains from glassware, coffee cups, crockery, cutlery and food service equipment.

Over time glasses develop a cloudy hard scale build-up on the glass interior, requiring the need for a deep clean. Brewery approved, this soaker/sanitiser simplifies the task of destaining all glassware, china, plastics and cutlery ensuring sparkling hygienic results every time!

Product Advantages

Removes glass haze and stubborn stains

Recommended Use

We recommend that beverage glasses have a deep clean every week with soak powder to ensure perfect glasses.

Soak glasses in trays in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes then simply run through your glasswasher.

• Dissolve 1 scoop of glass soak powder per 15 litres of hot water.
• Soak items in solution for 2 – 3 minutes.
• Brush any visible build-up to release, allow additional soaking time if build-up not released.
• Rinse well with fresh water.

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