Fast, Foam-Free filling of Draught Beer into PET Bottles!!

When you’re filling bottles with beer and there’s too much foam…no longer an issue with Pegas NovoTap and Evolution plastic bottle fill devices! Video below features the NovoTap, plus nozzle accessory to pour into a glass.

Description: manual counter-pressure bottle filler that is mounted to a beer tower instead of a beer tap.

Function: fast and foam-free filling of draught beer from kegs into PET bottles.

Purpose of development: to design the ultimately reliable system for providing fast and foam-free filling of foamy and/or sweet beverages from kegs into PET bottles. Along with beer the PEGAS NovoTap counter-pressure filler allows filling lemonade, kvass and other beverages with high sugar content.

The technology applied in the PEGAS NovoTap ensures fast, foam-free dispensing and keeping primary beverage quality.

For more information on the Pegas NovoTap and Evolution, please click on the links below.