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NEW ARRIVAL!! Beer Foam Stop!

The FOB stops the flow of beer through a beer line once the keg empties. It reduces beer loss normally associated with changing a keg and therefore reduces operating costs. Option to DRAIN: The 2-3 cc foam trapped in the coupler can be bleed in seconds at the keg. Installed on draught system in minutes directly […]

Fast, Foam-Free filling of Draught Beer into PET Bottles!!

When you’re filling bottles with beer and there’s too much foam…no longer an issue with Pegas NovoTap and Evolution plastic bottle fill devices! Video below features the NovoTap, plus nozzle accessory to pour into a glass. Description: manual counter-pressure bottle filler that is mounted to a beer tower instead of a beer tap. Function: fast and foam-free […]

New Product Arrival: Craft Beer Line Cleaner and Rejuvenator

A very important part of maintaining a high standard of good quality tasting beer is looking after your equipment. So, you need the highest quality standard of cleaning products! See our latest products including Craft Beer Line Cleaner and Rejuvenator to keep your bar equipment clean. Also, see the latest product in our chemical range – […]