NEW ARRIVAL!! Beer Foam Stop!


The FOB stops the flow of beer through a beer line once the keg empties. It reduces beer loss normally associated with changing a keg and therefore reduces operating costs.

  • Option to DRAIN: The 2-3 cc foam trapped in the coupler can be bleed in seconds at the keg.
  • Installed on draught system in minutes directly on the keg coupler. Installation does not require any change of existing system, connectors, tubes or tapping boards.
  • Fast and easy keg replacement – Bar staff able to provide faster keg change impact faster service to customers, much easier for access and finds the right keg \ FOB.
  • Hygiene – new design prevents build up of yeast and bacteria in the Fob. Closed system improved hygiene.

How does it work?

When a keg empties the “Inner Insert” triggers an inside lock stopping the beer flow from the keg and closes the beer line at the coupler level. When you tap a new keg pressing the vent knob the foam trapped in the coupler will bleed out, allowing the line to remain free of foam.
The reset of the FOB will allow the beer to run from the keg to faucet.

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